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Let's Fix Parking Together

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SpaceParking is here to help make parking easier within communities while also connecting you to local restaurants and businesses with special deals made just for you.

We have built a platform that is the total one stop shop for parking. Whether you are looking for the cheapest or most convenient parking space, our goal is to make sure you are covered!

We have also created a new local rewards program to help connect you to great deals and discounts near where you park. Find these deals on the map and access them by reporting congestion around the store and help your neighbors find parking too. Who doesn't like the sound of that? Nothing like a little you scratch my back, I scratch yours!

No car? No problem! You can still access rewards and help out the community by reporting parking congestion!

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How Does it Work?


Aggregated parking info from top movers in the industry and crowdsourced data show you the closest to real time parking information possible.


Report how the parking area looks around you so your friends can find easy parking too. The more we all chip in, the better for everyone!


Find deals and discounts near you on the map and just check in to redeem! Parking sucks a lot less when theres free stuff around you.


About Us


Our mission here is simple, to connect with people and help make parking easier

Living in Chicago, we know all about the hair loss, headaches, and stress that comes with looking for a prime parking spot. There is plenty of parking apps out in the city but none seem to really fix the problem of finding parking in congested areas. So we decided we have had enough and set out for ways to make this sucky pill to swallow a little more digestible.

After months of rigorous research and lab testing we found that our best bet for this behemoth of a problem is...wait for it... with the help of each other. Wow who would have thought right? *queue We Are The World by Michael Jackson* neighbors helping neighbors report real time parking congestion or sharing where to find that sweet back ally spot right next to your house that you never knew about. Turns out we don't need no fancy technology or sensors, we just need each other.


And thus, SpaceParking was born! An app that helps you find the best possible parking options anywhere in the city and gives you some insight on how congested an area is before you get there. By working together as a community and chipping in, we can fix the headaches of parking and leave the days of aimlessly driving up and down streets trying to find parking behind us! 

But wait... theres more! We also found a way to help make parking suck even less. We realize that we can't always be there for you to find the perfect spot (It's not you it's me), so we decided what better way to win over your love and affection than to hook you up with free stuff! We have partnered with local businesses to connect you with deals in your area. That way even when you can't find the best spot, you can still find deals near you and claim some free stuff for your troubles. All you have to do is check-in and tell 'em SpaceParking sent you.

Anyway that's a little bit about us, and don't be shy and let us know a little more about you. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we're doing or if you have any great ideas you want to share. We always love feedback and we're happy to have you be part of our SpaceParking family!

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