How does SpaceParking work?

We are a parking app that brings together all the parking data we can find throughout the city. Whether it's parking garage prices, street parking availability, or secret hidden lots, our goal is to find you the best possible parking option wherever you're looking.

How do we get all this data?

An app for the people by the people! By teaming up with fellow parking management companies and with the help of all of our awesome users, we ALL work as a team providing important parking information on the app. Whether it's a new spot you've found that isn't on our map or just letting your neighbors know how busy a parking area is at a given time, we realize that the more info we provide the easier parking becomes for everyone!

I tried reporting a new lot but I don't see it showing up on the map after submission?

New reports take a day or two for review and approval before being posted on the map

What do the different icons on the map mean?

                  - Deals

                  - Lot Parking

                  - Garage Parking

                  - Street Parking

Where do I find the Deals on the map?

Deals are shown on the map with Blue Starred Pins. Just click them for more info!

How do I redeem rewards?

Redeeming is easy, just find a deal nearby you like, go in the store and click the redeem deal button on your app, report the parking congestion, then BOOM deal time baby.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at info@spaceparkingapp.com or click ze button below

Test Lot.png
Garage Parking Icon.png
New Street Parking.png


This application makes use of the following third party libraries:

ParkWhiz API

Please refer to http://developer.parkwhiz.com/getting_started/#introduction

ParkChicago API

Please refer to http://chicagometers.com/


Please refer to https://github.com/icanzilb/SwiftSpinner/blob/master/LICENSE


Please refer to https://github.com/felipeflorencio/BCryptSwift/blob/master/LICENSE


Please refer to https://github.com/SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON/blob/master/LICENSE


Please refer to https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire/blob/master/LICENSE