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Adjusting to Business with Covid

No one is immune to what is happening in the world right now due to Covid-19, especially local businesses. Our communities here in Chicago have watched countless neighborhood restaurants and shops close down for good due to the restrictions put in place by local government and also simply just not being able to compete for exposure.

Dealing with this pandemic has been new for everyone and in almost all aspects of life. So we here at SpaceParking have made it our goal to do our part in our communities by supporting these local businesses that need it the most.

During these times our priorities have shifted to focusing on helping local business thrive while also adjusting to the constantly changing business environment during this pandemic.

While we are still here to help users find parking, our main goal has become to help users connect with local business deals in their area. Especially given that most users are staying home more and ordering takeout rather than going out and being in need of parking.

How does this change SpaceParking?

The core functions of the app are still the same, we still provide users with all parking options in the area and they can still help their neighbors by providing parking congestion info in these areas while also finding deals close by.

The only things that have really changed are the focus of the app and the process for claiming a deal.

As far as the focus of the app goes, you can still find all the information you need. We just took the time to highlight deals first through filtering and make it easier for you to find deals near you so you can help support these local businesses. If you want to go back to seeing more parking info, you can simply reset the filters to display your desired parking options again.

Claiming a deal is still a breeze and is actually easier than ever. We no longer require users to provide parking congestion in the area in order to access the deal, and its now easier to contact locations to order and claim your deal before going in. We know dine in options are not as common for locations during these times, so it was important to us to help make this process easier for you!

How can you help?

We know there is a lot of people out there looking to help but don't know how or where to start. So here it is plain and simple - how to help support local businesses and find awesome restaurant deals:

  1. Download the SpaceParking app

  2. Check out different local businesses offering up deals near you

  3. Pick the one you want and either call ahead to order or just head straight there

  4. Access the deal when you're ready to pay by clicking "redeem deal" on the app

  5. Show the cashier your coupon and boom, deal time baby

And that's it. Not too bad right? You get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting local businesses with no catch, just local spots offering up deals and discounts tailored just for you.

Living in these times of uncertainty is not easy for anyone right now. But we can get through this if we stick together and all do our part to help and support each other as much as we can. Our goal is to help as much as we can and do our part to connect with our neighborhoods and help make our communities thrive.

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