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Restaurant Highlight #1

While we begin to add new restaurant deals to the SpaceParking app, I get to start talking about one of my ultimate passions a little more - food!

And we’re not just talking about food from your average franchise, but from local Chicago restaurants we think everyone needs to know about.

Now that we are on the same page, time to unveil the newest restaurant on the app.

Drumroll please…

And the new restaurant is the Bourgeois Pig Cafe, a Lincoln Park staple known for great breakfast bites, mouth-watering sandwiches, coffee, and more. Speaking of coffee, they are now offering Free 12oz drip coffee deals for dine-in and takeout orders on the app!

Along with the amazing eats, the cafe has this mix of European influence and an old world theme that makes it an ideal spot if you are looking to really get a taste of Lincoln Park.

How to pronounce Bourgeois

bor • zhwaa - in Old French means “Town dweller”

Owner’s Pick

As I began working with the owner last week, I asked him a very important question: what is his favorite item on the menu?

Of course, there are crowd favorites, but I wanted to know what the creator of this magnificent establishment favors most.

Figured I can’t go wrong there, right?

After mentioning some of the more popular items, Mason came clean and shared that the Italian Panini IS the move.

Shortly after, my order was complete and I was off to a world of flavor.

Between the warm but soft panini bread to the mild kick the giardiniera provides, I can proudly share that it was the best panini I’ve had to date.

FYI - The Italian Panini is made up of:

  • Genoa salami

  • Provolone cheese

  • Fresh tomatoes

  • Mild giardiniera

  • Italian dressing

  • All on the best panini bread in town

Another reason to visit

Now with some of the restrictions restaurants are facing due to Covid, I’d like to point out some more of its greatness.

The cafe also has an awesome patio setting, giving its patrons the ability to still embrace the unique ambiance of the shop.

And so…

If you are in the mood for flavor, a piece of the past, a free 12 oz drip coffee, or all of the above, check out the Bourgeois Pig Cafe on the SpaceParking app and be on your way to embracing this local favorite!

Stay tuned for more restaurant shoutouts here or on our instagram, and don’t forget to share the app with your friends that could be interested in some great local deals.

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