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Parking with Deals

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We're sure you're probably wondering, how did we get here? Parking and restaurant deals? How do those work together and the most important question, why?

Well lets face it, we all know more times than not, parking just sucks.

Theres nothing worse than showing up somewhere late because you had to waste an extra 15 minutes driving up and down every street looking for any type of parking. Until you finally reach the point where you can't take it anymore and end up having to break the bank paying for parking that still isn't even close to where you're going.

So how do we fix parking?

Here at SpaceParking, it's our goal to save you in those times of need and maybe just help the overall process suck a little bit less.

We set out to build an app that not only gives you every possible parking option in an area, but also gives you a snapshot of the congestion levels of each street before you head that way.

Sounds pretty sweet right? Truth be told, yea, it is. Except we soon realized there was still a slight problem with the whole process...

Sometimes you can have all of the parking options and congestion data in the world, but at the end of the day, a full lot is a full lot and there isn't much else we can do but help you find parking further away from where you want to be.

So again, we set out to answer the big question, how do we make this process suck less?

Where the Deals come in

And that's when we had the realization that maybe we could combine two our favorite passions here at SpaceParking, finding easy parking and eating delicious foods.

We realized that while sometimes we can't always help you find that perfect spot, maybe we could still try hook you up with some dope food spots along the way. The stress and pain of searching for parking seems to go down easier when you're snagging a free sandwich or some coffee at a cool new place you've never tired before.

Not to mention we love the idea of helping out these amazing local mom and pop shops that help make our neighborhoods unique.

Deals on delicious food help make parking suck less

For us this feels like a match made in heaven where everyone wins. You get to find parking and discover discounts at cool new spots, these local businesses get more foot traffic that usually just walks by, and we get the pleasure of helping everyone involved and being one step closer in helping our communities and connecting with the neighborhood.

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